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I tried hypnotherapy for weight loss (the gastric band therapy) as a last resort having tried many diets over most of my adult life. I was struggling with my weight and had reached a state of complete sluggishness and desperation. I knew what I had to do to lose the weight but had simply lost all my willpower to stick to any diet. I also wanted to be healthier and prevent weight related health problems that I knew would become an issue in time if I did not lose the weight, i.e. joint pain and possible diabetes, etc.

David Atwick’s open yet professional manner was paramount to putting me at ease and he provided a very relaxed environment within the sessions of hypnotherapy. His confidence in hypnotherapy and absolute conviction that it could alter my “mindset” to eat smaller portions and to choose only healthy foods over the unhealthy fattening ones instilled in me the belief that I would undoubtedly reach my goal. This was incredibly encouraging for me.

David set a programme designed especially for my own personal issues and my goal, highlighting my downfalls and addressing my issues with certain foods. After my first session, I could not believe how uplifted and determined I felt to achieve my goal. It was as if someone had flicked a switch on in my mind. Literally from the time I left I was determined to do it and I consequently ate smaller portions of food. I did not have any urge to eat the wrong foods which were bad for me. In fact, I was dead set against them and they just did not have the same appeal to me anymore. David also gave me a lot of nutritional advice that helped tremendously.

After a few further sessions my confidence grew and my determination to eat healthily just increased. I was reaching for the correct foods almost without thinking about it and, within a few days, started to feel “cleansed” inside with so much more energy. The sluggishness that I had felt had gone and I felt full of life. I now only eat half as much as I used to and do not feel hungry as I am eating more often, just smaller portions and healthy foods. The idea of the gastric band obviously has an effect on my appetite, making my new eating regime easy to keep to. I am not using the word “diet” as it’s a way of life for me now and not a short term fix. It is a new way of eating and this is how I eat now. It is effortless and comes as second nature, almost without thinking about it. After three weeks I have lost nearly half a stone and seeing the scales going down and feeling so much better with myself will, I know, keep me motivated and I will reach my goal.

I am so glad I tried hypnotherapy and so grateful for David’s patience and ability. I never realised how powerful something like this could be and how incredible our minds are. I would recommend anyone to try it and I can now understand how this therapy would work for many other issues like giving up smoking, phobias, etc as once your mind is set on something, whatever that is or whatever your goals or ambitions are in life, you can change your “mindset” with hypnotherapy to achieve them.

Claire From Abergavenny